Neil Howe
Parallel Realities: The Development of Performance Art in Australia
The first half of Parallel Realities paints a broad picture of the social and political events that led to the appearance of Australian performance art as a major art form from the mid-1960s to today. Neil Howe traces its history through the performance work of 50 significant artists including the Lindsay family, the Angry Penguins, Barry Humphries, The Yellow House and more recently, Kevin Mortensen, Stelarc and Dale Frank; events including Captain de Groot’s slashing of the ribbon at the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Christo’s Wrapped Coast; as well as publications such as OZ magazine and university revues. 
Original documentation provided by 30 significant leading artists and groups who have featured in this field since the 1970s form the second half of this book.
Thames and Hudson (1 Sep 2017)

ISBN 987 0 500 500934