On day two I headed in to see Tony Schwensen’s SCABLAND, a 12 hour durational performance. I confess I did not remain for the full 12 hours but I did stay for one. In a work conceived especially for 48HR Incident, the artist set up a makeshift workshop in the second floor of the gallery. A large pile of MDF boards lay behind him and he began to cut each board, with the help of some power tools,
into a letter. Once the letter was cut, he secured it to the wall of the gallery and painted around it. Once the next letter was secured he removed the first and leant it against the wall. I saw the completion of two letters, but I believe that over the course of the 12 hours the words extended over the entire gallery space. Reflecting Schwensen’s interest in the history of the labour movement and how it relates to the leisure class in Australia, SCABLAND, even in the mere hour that I saw, was an
intense display of endurance.

Naomi Gall