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New Genres Festival

New Genres Festival
1 March - 3 March 2018
Living Arts
307 E. Mathew Brady St
Tulsa, OK

I have come to understand that my otherness in the United States operates in an embedded form. 
I am a white man, I blend right in in, hiding in plain sight until I open my mouth.  
I am an inside outsider.
This allows me to have conversations with Americans that may not necessarily be able to be had by Americans. 
The project I am developing for Living Arts Tulsa is a continuation of a participatory performance that utilizes the conversational exchange to talk comparatively to contemporary social situations,
 to emphasize our mutual commonality despite our very real differences through drawing humorous attention to our mutual and often understandable misunderstandings. 
This piece will be developed through a three day intensive engagement with K-12 schools in the week prior to the performance. 
Through a series of conversations, I will attempt to gain a perspective of what the students understand Tulsa to be, what their constructed reality of Tulsa is (indeed, if any).  
Whilst thinking of this proposal for this location. I have been remembering a thirteen-year-old version of myself watching The Outsiders, a eighteen year old self looking at Larry Clark photographs and gaining my constructed understanding of Tulsa through this lens. 
I will also ask them to critique my own constructed image of Tulsa, to construct a collaborative story simultaneously fictive and factive, 
that will intertwine their understandings of Tulsa with my understanding of Tulsa.
The performance will consist of an eight-hour durational performance, where I draw chalk outlines of projected images from the stories that I gather from area students and community groups on the wall, 
moving the projector around the space so that the entire wall is covered and recovered. 
I will be speaking a constructed narrative that is based on the imagery I am drawing, intertwined with the plot of the film version of The Outsiders.
The resultant drawing exists for the duration of the exhibition.  



February 15 - March 17, 2018
Gallery 263 
263 Pearl Street
Cambridge, MA

Exceptionalism 2016 will be shown in this exhibition.